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" I empower Women to Change their mindset, step into their confidence and achieve their goals"


Rena Cokayne

About me

Rena Cokayne


Holistic Mind & Body Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Teacher,

Complimentary Health-Care Practitioner.


My Mission:


To empower people to embrace and love themselves, so that they can realign their current mindset to make the changes for themself, in a holistic way, starting from with in!


Firstly, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children 9/14/19 years old (2019)


After suffering from & being diagnosed with Depression as a teenager, connecting with a Counsellor who showed me time and empathy, is what inspired me to train in the Counselling sector.


I had many sales jobs in my teens, Insurance, selling & valuing property, however I started my career as a Person Centered Counsellor in 2004, after 4 years i furthered my education and specialised in Couples Therapy.

Over the years ive had my own fare share of physical & mental health issues, from Post Natal Depression, Anxiety, Endometriosis & Fibromyalgia.


After having several years of suffering with Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis, at my worst i was bed ridden for days as i couldnt walk or feel my legs (2015) since than i have jogged, run, gone to the gym and pushed myself to where i am today, with an extreme amount of determination and belief that I CAN DO THIS!

All i kept being told by medical professionals was to take anti depressants, get a walking stick and a stair lift in my home (so basically give up!) I went against the grain because i knew if i gave up mentally, than physically would soon follow and i knew that I COULD BEAT THIS! especially with my professional knowledge, years research and the journey i had with my son (explained below) I knew I could heal myself holistically  with excercise, nutrition, meditation & mindset.






My son (now 19) was diagnosed with Tourettes Sydnrome and ADHD in 2007. I was unaware at the time, however this kick started my Holistic career. My son was expelled from mainstream school, I home schooled him for 1.5 years, after a long fight, i had to write to the education board to get him a statement of special needs, which was granted. He attended a special need school for the rest of his education, which was an amazing and very supportive school New Rush Hall School Barkingside.


He was given medication for the ADHD so that he could concentrate in school, however this made his Tourettes worse, from vocal to physical.  

This made my son very depressed and he reclused. I told him i would find something to help and i did! I researched obsessively for 3 weeks and i found something, that went onto amaze me!


I found a concoction of natural medicine L-carltinine, 5HTP & Flaxseed oil, I stopped his medication from GP immediately, under the doctors guidance. Within 1 month of taking plant based medicine, his tics had rappidly reduced, within 3 months completely gone and he was not taking any medicine at all. I was into meditation at the time so i taught my son deep breathing techniques and meditation. His love for playing the piano and singing also help him learn self control and was how he managed his tics.


I was so amazed at how quickly and effectively this natural medicine worked,I wanted to learn more! so i looked into it further, found a course in Herbalism completed this within 1 year, done an advanced Herbalism course, which taught me how to make my own remedies, capsules,tincture, herbal tea, body butters & soaps, the list goes on. I than went onto study Reflexology and Reiki and i continued to study various healing modalities right up until 2015, alongside my own self development, healing & extensive research in all subjects. My own health conditions, also inspired me to study nutrition and research as much as i could about various ailments, emotionally, mentally & physically.


Fast forward to today, my son has completed level 3 BTEC

in performing arts and acting, works part time and shows no signs of ticking, only when he gets stressed, excited or frustrated will they slightly appear, however they are very mild, he has not had medication for over 10 years now and i am very proud of the young man he has become.

As a result of our journey and my love for the healing arts Renaissance Wellbeing Clinic was born.


Tourettes Action was a massive part in educating not only my family but my sons school.


As a family we have learnt to accept the cards we have been given, learnt a whole lot about ourselves along the way, embracing each day. One thing i have embeded in my family, is to not let our circumstances define us and if we want something bad enough, do everyhing we can  to make it happen, even though the odds may seem against us.....it will happen!




I offer bespoke holistic therapies, treatments & wellness programme, using the priciple, what you focus your energy on, you attract more of!


Treatments that restore the bodies natural balance, kick starting the natural healing process with in the body.


Located within a private residential practice in Romford.


Insured by BGI Group. Available on request.



The healing modalities I offer are based on ancient

healing techniques in:


* Energy Re-alignment Therapy (Reiki Teacher)

* Reiki courses I/II/III Degree

* Chakra balance/Cleanse


* Various Massage therapy options:

* Sports/Deep tissue/Trigger point/Aromatherapy/Lymphatic drainage/Reiki Massage.


* Meditation classes (Individuals/couples/corporate)


* Wellness Programmes- The Re-alignment Method


* Herbal Therapy in the form of:


* Herbal Tea

* Capsules

* drops/tinctures

* Ointments & Balms

* Detox programmes

(For all the internal organs)


Appointments only


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